What is your DELIGHT?

From what do you draw the greatest delight in this world? Is it a(n) relationship, activity, career, hobby, place or possibly a special food? What is it that gives you the most joy, pleasure, comfort, etc? That is really a simple question. If we have been redeemed and are truly followers of Jesus Christ, it becomes even more simple.

Recently at GPBC, our text for our corporate worship gathering on Sunday morning was Psalm 1. In this powerful piece of wisdom literature, the psalmist compares the righteous life to that of the wicked. The Psalm ends with a picture of the coming judgement that all men will face. Contrary to the wicked, the righteous are rescued from perishing because the LORD knows them. What a wonderful promise and joy it is to be known by the LORD! How does one know if they are known by the LORD? The Psalmist gives a great indicator in verse 2 of Psalm 1, stating that the blessed or righteous man delights in the “law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” For an Old Testament Israelite reading this Psalm, “the law” referred to the Torah or Pentateuch (first five books of Hebrew Scripture). For us as Christians, this “law” is the entirety of Scripture, the revelation of God to man.

This delighting in God’s word is a remarkable concept. It stands to reason that if we have indeed been born again and have been granted the righteousness of God (2 Cor. 5:17-21), that we will desire to know God through the revelation of himself in Scripture. So, this takes us back to our original question, “What is your delight?”. In the english language the word delight, used in this context, simply means “great pleasure”. Do we receive “great pleasure” from reading and studying God’s word? Do we plan time to read and study God’s word? When we need comfort, do we run to God’s word? When we need guidance, instruction, advice, wisdom, knowledge, prayer, etc., do we run to God’s word? These are all fair questions, especially if we are professing believers in Jesus Christ!… questions that I have struggled with in the last few weeks.

One truth I know is the more I read and study God’s word, the greater appetite I have for it. The more I learn about the LORD, the more I want to know. Unfortunately, in my life and in the life of the modern Church, far too much time has been spent pursuing things other than delighting in God’s word. As your pastor, my primary job is to equip you (GPBC) for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). One venue in which this is done is through our EQUIP Class on Wednesday evenings.

This Wednesday (August 14) we will begin a new session of EQUIP. It is my hope that each of us will make this a priority. We will be studying Wayne Grudem’s book, Christian Beliefs: Twenty basics every Christian should know. This book is an excellent resource that covers the basic biblical doctrines of the Christian faith. Knowing these doctrines and being able to defend them will grow our faith and confidence in God’s word. My prayer for all of us is that we will learn to love these biblical doctrines and all of Scripture more… that we will indeed DELIGHT in the word of God!

Please make plans to join us for EQUIP this fall beginning Wednesday (August 14) at 6:30 PM. I am certain that it will be worth your time and sacrifice.

For His Glory,

Your Pastor