Join YOUR family for a Fall Gathering

I, like most people, love the autumn of the year or fall as we say in the South. While an especially warm summer and other factors have limited the intensity of the foliage this year, it still is beautiful as we enter November. I love the chill in the air in the mornings just as the sun comes up. Around our church at Green Pond, I love the site of acres and acres of freshly mowed and harvested fields. I love the long dark shadows in the afternoon, as the day sinks into twilight. I love the blazing blue sky and the tapestry of leaves that cover the lawns and fly into the air as you drive down an old country road. The quick cooling of the evening after a sun-soaked afternoon does much to refresh one's soul. As you can tell, I love the fall of the year!

Of all the aforementioned items of the fall, my favorite is that this time of year usually brings families together. The memories of family gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of my favorites. As we get older, the children grow up and move away to make to carve out their niche in life.  As a result, distance and schedules sometimes hinder gathering on The Day in November and December. So, we learn to adapt and steal a day or weekend when we can. Fortunately, the fall and all the festivities of our culture lends itself to times of family gatherings.

Our church family is no different. We need special times to "gather" and invest in one another. As important as it is to foster the relationships of our biological families, how much more for our spiritual family! The group of people that God has sovereignly place around us (the church) to learn from, to encourage, teach, admonish, worship with, and be on mission with... no relationships are more valuable for the believer in Jesus Christ. This is why we are taking time this week as a church family to Gather together for an intentional time of worship and study of God's Word and what is means to be a church to the those around us. As I have stated for the last few weeks, I hope you will make this a priority every night this week (November 4, 5, 6, and 7). God has provided a gifted preacher and teacher to lead us, in Dr. Jeff Lethco. I have no hesitation in saying if, at all possible, it is worth you canceling other obligations to be with us this week. Hopefully, you are aware that we do not "meet at church" just to meet. Because I love you, and respect your time, whenever we gather together, it is for a reason and will be worth your time as a follower of Christ. This week is extremely important for the membership of GPBC.

It is that time of year. The days are shorter and cooler. The leaves are prettier and sunsets are brighter... and your family is Gathering. Come be a part of your Family Gatheringthis week. It won't be complete without your being there.

For His Glory,

Your Pastor